How It Works

First we will post comments for suggested nominees. To suggest a nominee, post a comment with the name of the User you would like to see as a nominee. Once that user has three supports, he/she will be placed as a nominee. Each category must have three nominees, and once they do, a poll will be opened for users to vote for the winner. When the polls close I, Ian Bernard will place the award template on the winner's User Page.

When you see the template, Yes check Done, please do not continue to reply to the nomination comment. If you are the nominee, you may post one comment after the template, Yes check Done, thanking your supporters.

If you see template, No check Not done, this means that the category a suggested nomination is to, has closed. This may also be presented if a user has requested the denial of the nomination, and I agreed with there reasoning.

How To Support a Nomination

When you see a user's name suggested as a nominee for a certain category, you would support that user if you see him/her fit in that category. Obviously, a suggested nomination would be announced by the nominator posting a comment. If you want to support that nomination, REPLY to that comment, and place the support template and an optional message as to why you want that user nominated. The Support Template should be entered as followed.


If you do not support a suggested nomination, don't be rude. Simply don't reply to that nomination comment.