Nomination Denial Request

If you feel strongly that a user shouldn't be nominated, go to my talk page, and submit a nomination denial request giving a reasonable paragraph no longer than several sentences as to why that user should not be nominated. Please title the message Nomination Denial Request. If I, Ian see's your denial request fit, I will remove that user from the nominee list.

Required Information Upon Denial Request

  • Must give a detailed reason as to why you don't want that user nominated. more than 5 sentences
  • Anonymous Users cannot request denial.
  • Your User Name, and a link back to your talk page.
  • Please leave your signature at the end of the message.

Your detailed reasoning as to why you don't want a user nominated should be no longer than two paragraphs. Anything longer will not be read, and your request will be immediately denied. Anything less than five sentences will not be read, and this to will result in your request being denied.

Anonymous Users cannot request denial for multiple reasons. An anonymous user, or nonie is always a high target for user abuse/cyber bullying. This causes the nonie to get angry and feel hurt, wanting to ruin the users reputation. Many nonies come on the wiki when bored, just to destroy it for fun. Some attempt to ruin relations between users, and it is a problem that can easily be avoided by this rule.

Leave your User Name, a link back to your talk page, and your signature when requesting denial of a nominee. All three are required to better help determine who you are. Your denial form should be formatted as a business letter, like so.

Any other formations will not be accepted and will result in your request of denial denied.