Welcome to The Hawky Awards, !

Hawky Striked UsersThe following users have Hawky Strikes. Reasons are listed.
  • Appa Rocks
    1 Hawky Strike
    For logging out, and supporting her nomination.
  • Danly09
    2 Hawky Strikes
    For Spamming, Supporting and nominating himself, and supporting a nomination he suggested.

The Hawky Awards

Okay, So by now we should all be familiar with The Hawky Awards. If not, Here is a brief description and instructions on how this works. The current ceremony is for the month of May. On May 31th, the polls will close, and the awards will be given out to the winners.

The Hawky Awards is an award ceremony that awards users for posting the best comments in the listed categories.

The Awards are named The Hawky Awards because as we all know, Hawky was a messenger bird. He and his kind would send and receive messages for the Fire Nation, as we do on most every page on this wiki. We post comments, reply, and receive even, funny comments, informative comments, opinionated comments, and even some nice ones that just make our day. So it is my pleasure to host, The Hawky Awards.

Recent Winners