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Founder of The Hawky Awards. Hosts ceremonies, announces winners, runs the show. Any questions or concerns about The Awards, go to him. Active
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About Hawky Officials Edit

Hawky Officials are simply admins. A Hawky Official is designated to a category during ceremonies, and is responsible for placing Yes check Done to finalize nomination suggestions, and supplying the winners of their category with the Hawky Award. Hawky Officials are just as important as Ianbernard during a ceremony, for in Ian's absence, they ensure the smooth running of The Awards.

Becoming a Hawky Official Edit

For you to become a Hawky Official, you must first be a rollback user (at Avatar Wiki) requesting the title, and choose which category you'd like to be dedicated to. After you have requested the position, Ianbernard will review your application and let you know whether or not you've been approved to be a Hawky Official.

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Hawky Officials Duties Edit

A Hawky Officials duties include, but do not limit to the following:

  • Closing Nominations
  • Assist with building the new Hawky Awards Wiki
  • Hawky Officials are admins of the wiki
  • Monitoring Forums
  • Monitoring Chat room
  • Handling Vandals
  • Promoting the wiki
  • Distributing Hawky Awards to ceremony winners in dedicated category
  • Monitoring ceremony comments
  • Hawky striking users
  • Answering questions

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