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Founder of The Hawky Awards. Hosts ceremonies, announces winners, runs the show. Any questions or concerns about The Awards, go to him. Active
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How to Apply Edit

To apply for the Hawky Official position, you must answer the following questions in a blog here on The Hawky Awards Wiki, titled "Hawky Official Application". Please be sure to answer every question listed below with more than a few sentences.

Hawky Official Application Questions
What Category are you applying for?
Funniest Comments
Most Opinionated Comments
Nicest Comments
Most Informative Comments
Deep Thinker Comments
Why should I choose you to be a Hawky Official?
Please explain in more than a few sentences what makes you more qualified to be a Hawky Official than the next person. Explain how you're a good choice.
How long have you been an active participant of The Awards?
Please give a guesstimated number of Award Ceremonies you've been a part of, meaning ceremonies that you have either supported, nominated, or voted on.
What can you bring to the Officials Table?
Please explain any skills you have with wikia, such as "good with coding". Give examples for your listed skills. Tell me what you can offer to The Hawky Awards.
Do you currently have any ideas for The Awards?
Please explain what ideas, if any, you have for The Hawky Awards that would help ceremonies run smoother. Hawky Officials will have meetings where everyone is expected to bring an idea with them, good or bad; there is always room for improvement.
How would you answer the following questions asked by an Awards Participant?
Please answer the following questions as you would answer an Awards Participant.
1. Can I nominate more than one person per category?
2. How many nominations can I support?
3. "That person doesn't deserve that nomination!" How do I get a nominee un-nominated?
4. "Hello? My support makes three!" Why doesn't my support count?
5. When will my Hawky Strike go away?

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